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About Us

Miss M (aka Lil Girl, main author) loves to travel, and only does DIY travels. Nothing thrills her more than a trip out of this sunny Singapore island. During her travel planning, she enjoys reading recommendations and travelling tips from blogs. So, this blog was created to share back with everyone her experiences, travelling tips and itineraries!

Mr J (aka Big Boy) loves to eat. His interest is to search for good food and bargains. So his main role in all the travels is to take care of Miss M’s tummy by finding where the best eateries are!

Though we would love to make it big, the practical constraints of juggling full-time jobs prevents us from spending more time in marketing this blog. And so till today this remains very much our personal blog. If any of the posts look like a sponsored review, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for thinking highly of our blog 😀 Until the day we finished optimising all the free media storage space and reached the crossroad of whether to continue, we will strive hard to bring you more travel tips and honest reviews of the places we visited!

We welcome all comments and feedback from our readers. If you enjoy our posts and want to find out more details about the places we went, feel free to leave a comment and follow our instagram account or facebook page @lilgirlbigboytravels! 🙂

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