Mr J and I are finally back together in a new post after 6 months! That is how long we have not been out exploring together! *sad face* This time round, it will be yet another staycation post to celebrate our 4th anniversary. We had to celebrate the weekend after the actual date because Mr J got activated for Ops Manning, and it so happened to fall on the weekend with National Day Preview! So I spent days scouring hotel booking websites for a room facing the Marina Bay area. Even though I started searching one month before, many of the bay-facing rooms were already booked! Thankfully, Pan Pacific Singapore was one of the few highly-rated hotels left with bay-facing rooms that came at a reasonable price (and I am saying this in comparison to other nearby hotels). Even so, it took me a hell lot of determination before I finally clicked the ‘Confirm’ button.



Since I paid a bomb, I must act like a tourist!

Pan Pacific Singapore is a place that would be familiar to people of my age because it seemed to be THE HOTEL for weddings. Foodies will also be familiar with the Edge, a seafood buffet restaurant at Level 3 which, till date, I proclaim to be the best buffet restaurant in town. After having been here for so many times, it is finally my turn to stay in this hotel!


Lounge area called The Atrium
Top-down view of The Atrium. I always thought these look so futuristic.
20180804_004353 (2)
Very impressive 36-stories interior that makes your head spin when you look up.

There are a total of 12 room categories in Pan Pacific Singapore. In part of my YOLO spirit, I booked the Pacific Harbour View Room which is the 5th top room category that placed us on the 33rd floor of the hotel! ^^ To defend myself (and because my father may be reading this), I decided to splurge on the more expensive room because I honestly thought this would be the only “holiday” Mr J and I will be having this year. But I still think I got the room at a good deal, and now having been through the whole Pan Pacific experience, I think it is worth every penny spent!

Check-in time is at 3pm but Mr J and I came in slightly later at 3.20pm. Guests of Pacific Club rooms have a special check-in counter located right at the end of the lobby. Since it’s our first time at Pan Pacific, we did not know this and queued at the usual check-in counter. When the receptionist saw that we booked Pacific Club room, she guided us personally to the Pacific Club reception. Our hearts literally melted when she told us that “Our staff has been waiting for your arrival”. Awwwww…

20180804_005444 (2)
Check-in counter for guests of Deluxe rooms
Check-in counter for guests of Pacific Club rooms
20180804_005407 (2)
If you arrive early, you can take a seat at any of these lounge chairs.

Deluxe rooms occupy Level 5 – 22 of the hotel, while Pacific Club Rooms occupy those on the upper floors and guests will have to take special bubble lifts (with view) that bring you beyond Level 22. I’m not kidding when I say that I actually felt ear pressure while travelling up the lift.

Bubble lift
Lift lobby where you can grab an apple (or the whole basket if you want) on your way to your room
20180804_193558 (2)
Top down view from 33rd floor. Really not for those with fear of heights.

It’s so serene to be walking along the corridors here, away from the buzz of the crowd at the lobby area. I really like how the hotel made use of natural sunlight to lit up the interior, giving the hotel a homely feel.

Presenting to you, the room!

Huge room (46 sqm) with plenty of space to run around. The curtains are fully automated, controlled by a remote control. The bedside switch panel gives you full control of all the lights in the room.
32” LCD Smart television with local and cable channels. I love the personal welcome message on the TV screen addressed to me!
Workstation with ergonomic Herman Miller desk chair, and a high table with coffee making facilities.
Nespresso coffee machine and tea making facilities. Complimentary fruits, chocolates and 2 bottles of 1L mineral water given.
What I felt made Pan Pacific rooms different from other hotels is that all the cutlery, serviettes and wine bottle openers are already available in the room for use. Talk about thinking for the guests!


In-room safe, iron and ironing board, and the most comfortable bedroom slippers I have ever worn! (It’s seriously so comfortable that I really thought of getting one more pair to bring home)
20180804_193800 (3)
Separate toilet and bathing facilities, fitted with premium Hans Grohe fittings and rain shower

20180728_152953 (2)

Deep soak bathtub! The bathroom is also fitted with integrated speakers connected to the TV (which has a radio function) so that you can jazz up your bath time.

Ok so some of you with sharper eyes may have already caught sight of the floral display on the workstation. Yes, this was done up courtesy of Pan Pacific, because I had indicated in my booking request that we were celebrating our 4th anniversary. To be honest, I wrote this only because I wanted to request for a room with view of the NDP, so this treat really came as a surprise even to me! Thank you Pan Pacific for the warm welcome!


Personalised card hand drawn and signed by concierge staff! This is so touching! In my booking request, I have left out the kind of anniversary we were celebrating, hence the wrong address in the card. Oops.

And now for the highlight of the room, the view!!

An (almost) full view of the Floating Platform! To the left you can see the Marina Bay Sands, and to the right is the Fullerton Hotel.
On the far left, you can see all the way to Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Flyer.
This, in my humble opinion, is the best view of Singapore.

When faced with this view, there is nothing else better to do than to camwhore!

C360_2018-08-04-20-38-35-036 (2)

Did I forget to add that you can see all the way to Esplanade and Padang on the far right too?
20180728_154757 (2)
Our room even comes with a Singapore flag!
An overjoyed Mr J specifically requested for this pose and I obliged.

The balcony came as an added advantage for viewing the NDP preview because we could hear everything that was going on at the Floating Platform very clearly and and also sing along to the NDP songs. This adds to the excitement of watching the preview! At 4pm, we were watching people in red queuing up to go into the stand.

There is an NDP Preview Package and National Day Fireworks Package that you can choose (which I did not take ^^)


Booking any Pacific rooms also entitles guests to following mind-dazzling list of Pacific Club benefits:

  • Access to the Pacific Club at Level 38 from 6.00am to 11.00pm
  • Champagne breakfast at Pacific Club or buffet breakfast at Edge, from 6.00am to 10.30am
  • Afternoon tea from 3.00pm to 5.00pm
  • Evening cocktails and canapés from 6.00pm to 8.00pm
  • Late check-out until 2.00pm
  • Arrival and departure limousine service for guests staying at Pacific Skyline SuitesHarbour Suites or at the Presidential Suite
  • Use of Pacific Club private dining rooms for up to two hours with prior reservation
  • 50% savings on secretarial services at the Pacific Centre
  • A choice of pillows from our Pillow Menu
  • Pressing and laundry of up to two pieces of clothing per night of stay (non-cumulative)
  • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages from the in-room mini bar

By the time we overcome our shock and excitement, it was already 4.20pm. This means only 40mins left for high tea! No way were we going to give up on free food! We chionged up to the 38th floor Club Lounge and when we arrived, we were welcomed by the friendly lounge staff who took our room number and asked us for our choice of beverage (coffee and tea).





Pan Pacific is the only hotel with Club Lounge that provides a 360 degree panoramic view of Marina Bay (I know because I have checked). So even if you do not book a habour-facing room, you can still see the fireworks from the lounge 🙂


20180728_163422 (2)


I must say that although I was excited about having free food at the lounge, the high tea turned out to be rather disappointing. The assorted eclairs, which looked soooo appetising, ended up to be doses of sugar bombs. Only the sandwiches and the mango cakes were passable.

By the time we finished with high tea, it was already past 5pm. That leaves us with less than 1hr before the evening cocktails and canapés session. As the lounge had strict dress code during the evening cocktails (meaning no shorts, Bermuda shorts, sportswear, flip flops, slippers and sandals), we went back to our room to change. As we reached our room, we saw the housekeeping preparing our room as part of the turndown service even though we did not make the request. Very initiative!

The sides of the blanket were turned downwards during the turndown service. This makes it easier for guests to climb under the blanket to sleep (Miss M’s theory).
20180728_173728 (2)
The laundry bag was placed on the bed as a reminder to call for laundry service if you have any. Since our room came with complimentary laundry service, Mr J and I were auntie enough to bring our unwashed pants along during the stay just to try out the service. But too bad for us we missed the cutoff time 😦

The parachute for NDP started at 6pm, and as our once-a-year patriotism caught up with us, we ended up staying in our room till past 7pm!

20180728_180944 (2)
No, I am randomly taking photos of the sky. Spot the Red Lions!

20180728_181051 (2)

20180728_184642 (2)
All squads finally gathered at the floating platform and the “President” enters.

It really felt like the planes were flying towards us! We were unbelievably close that it was the first time I could actually see how the planes look like in real life.

20180728_185203 (2)
My second favourite part of the show, flying in of the Singapore flag while singing the National Anthem. Majulah Singapura!
Oops obviously we were not standing at attention.

20180802_233333 (2)

20180802_234223 (2)
The helicopters will circle one round around MBS area before taking their leave

Next highlight of the show, F-16 fighter planes!

20180728_190633 (2)

20180728_190637 (2)

Finally when the SAF show was over, we managed to tear ourselves away from the balcony and go back up to the lounge for our evening cocktail and canapés session. Again, we only had about 40 mins to gobble down our food before the fireworks start.  It’s a pity that the lounge does not allow guests to bring the champagne back to their room, so I only managed a few sips (since I was such a poor drinker) while Mr J had 2 glasses of champagne and a Sapporo beer 😯

There were actually more food than my photos showed, but I didn’t manage to take all because my butt was plastered to the chair after the first round of food-taking. Mr J voluntarily took food for me in an attempt to make me eat faster so that we do not miss the fireworks. We ended up taking plates of 扣肉包, which are buns stuffed with stewed pork belly, or as Mr J explained to a fellow foreign guest at the lounge, the Chinese Hamburger. It was the single, most awesome dish in the menu!

After our hurried meal, it was back to the room balcony again at 8pm, all positioned for the best fireworks shots.

Magnificent night view from the room
I bet all the guests at Marina Sands Hotel, Ritz Carlton and Singapore Flyer had their cameras ready too.
Look at all the boats at Singapore River positioned for the fireworks.

And here it goes!


There were 2 rounds of fireworks, once at around 8.10pm, and an even bigger one at 8.15pm. So don’t leave till the president leaves!


We could finally breathe again after all the excitement and mad rush.


When the parade was officially over, we decided to head off to the gym to burn off all the extra calories inhaled this afternoon.





Pan Pacific certainly has the most well-equipped gym of all our staycations so far. Just look at the number of machines there! There are treadmills, cycling machine, recumbent bike, step machine, weights, gym balls, leg extension machine, abdominal bench, bench press, chest press, etc (I actually don’t recognise a lot of them, I am just writing down whatever I can find on google). After 1hr of gym, it’s finally time to head back to the room for proper rest.

20180729_075944 (2)

Rise and shine, a brand new day awaits! It felt really great to be waking up to this view. Even the air smelled fresh. No sound of cars and noisy tourists on the road yet. As we enjoyed the peaceful morning, we finally had a chance to touch the complimentary fruits and chocolates placed in our room yesterday as pre-breakfast.

Guests at Pacific Club rooms have two options for breakfast. One is a champagne breakfast at the Club Lounge (yes, champagne for breakfast!) and the other is a buffet breakfast at the Edge restaurant which has more variety. On the weekend that we were there, guests also had an additional breakfast option at the Atrium, Level 1. Guess where we went?



The food variety at Edge was again, awesome! There were Chinese noodles, Japanese soba, Indian prata, Western pasta, porridge, buns, assorted eggs, cheese, sausages, vegetables, salad, yogurt, cereal, pancake, waffle. You name it, they have it.







Muar otah! It’s pretty authentic and spicy.





This is the place that I ate THE BEST WAFFLE OF MY LIFE. Guys, if there is only one thing you can stuff yourself with, GO FOR THE WAFFLE. If you know me personally, I hardly sing praises of desserts because I don’t really like sweet stuff. But this single slice of waffle simply blew my mind away. It was the fluffiest piece of flour pancake that I have ever eaten that simply melts in the mouth. Drip it with some honey and you will floating on cloud 9. Really regretted that I ate it on an extremely full stomache so I could not go for second helping. And it was the only food item that I did not take photo of *face palm*.

Breakfast starts at 6am and ends at 10.30am. After which, we had 3hrs to slack and sleep off our food overdose before checking out of the hotel. We only had the space to stomache the complimentary cake in our room just before check-out because we did not want to bring it home. And of course, since all non-alcoholic food items in the mini bar were free, being true-blue Singaporeans, we raided the fridge right before we went home. As a result, Mr J’s luggage weighed at least 3kg heavier (and I have not mentioned about bringing back the complimentary wine too, which weighed 1kg).

So, with heavy hearts (and stomaches), we concluded the end of our staycation trip. Thank you Pan Pacific for the wonderful memories, you have made us your loyal fans. Till the next time!


20180804_204345 (2)