Taichung Map
Day 2: Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) –> Ji Ji train station (集集车站) –> Checheng train station (车程站)  –> Drive around Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) –> Stay at Hu Yue Lakeview hotel (湖悅民宿)

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Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

Needless to say, we arrived at Sun Moon Lake in a record time given what-was-supposed-to-be a packed schedule. Sun Moon Lake needs no further explanation, and I would have skipped here if it is not for my father’s insistence. Boy, was I super glad to have listened to my father because it turned out to be my best memories for this trip! Lady Luck finally decided to shine on us in the afternoon, and SML was absolutely gorgeous after the rain 😀

Thanks to having a driver, I was finally able to explore SML from different angles besides the piers.  In fact, I think I should be thankful for the rain in the morning because that gave us plenty of time to bask in beauty and serenity of SML. We made a few stops around SML, starting with Shui She Wharf (水社码头), 水社壩, Xiangshan Tourist Centre (向山旅客中心)  and Wenwu Temple (文武廟) before ending the trip at our hotel Hu Yue Lakeview B&B (湖悦景观民宿) at Itashao Pier (伊逹邵码头).

Shui She Wharf (水社码头)

Lunch at a random restaurant. I thought the cabbage was really sweet. On the other hand, the soup tasted like water. I read somewhere else that it is called ‘Dried Lily Soup with Mushrooms 金针汤’
lunch 2
The famous President Fish (总统鱼), which is named because this was former President Chiang Kai Shek’s favourite dish. Warning: this fish has plenty of bones to pick
Oh gorgeous scenery! This was the first time I saw Shuishe Wharf completely emptied of tourists. The ferries could not operate because of the storm, and that added to the calm and serenity of the lake, so that we could appreciate the lake for what it truely was.


FYI, SML is famed for having one of the most beautiful cycling track in the world. One day I will try it out myself!



I have no idea how to translate this in English. Apparently, and evidently, this is one of the best spots for wedding photos.

A nice spot to sit and stare into the breathtaking sight. No need to queue to take a photo with the famed ‘日月潭’ stone.
Yay to the beautiful memory!

SML 12

Biking trail that will take us to the next stop, Xiangshan Visitor Centre
SML 10
Love this photo cause I look so much taller!
SML 11
Damn, my brother can really jump

Xiangshan Tourist Centre (向山旅客中心)

This place reminds me of Singapore’s Marina Barrage, except that I have no idea what purpose it serves other than having a cutting edge architectural design.

xiangshan 1

xiangshan 2
This place is suppose to offer great views of SML. Well I suppose it is not too bad, but I will rather be closer to nature 🙂
xiangshan 3
I prefer to take this lonely tree.
xiangshan 4
Chilling out with coffee and tea

Wenwu Temple (文武廟)

During the Japanese Occupation, there used to be two temples located along the perimeters of the lake. However when the Japanese built their hydroelectric power plants, the water levels rose, and the temples had to be removed. The two temples were then consolidated into one, which is the Wenwu Temple we see today.

I am not an expert in temples, so if you are really interested in the architecture, please refer to this website!

wenwu 1

wenwu 2
366 steps, symbolizing 366 days in a year. Each step is carved with the names of celebrities who were born on that day. You could place amulets and charms by the steps that corresponds to your birthday as a blessing.
wenwu 3
Paranomic view of SML, which was the main draw for me to come here

wenwu 4

wenwu 5

wenwu 6

wenwu 7

wenwu 8

wenwu 9

wenwu 10
Time to go back before the storm comes back

Hu Yue Lakeview B&B (湖悦景观民宿)

Our rest stop for tonight was Hu Yue Lakeview B&B, located at Itashao Pier (伊逹邵码头). The hotels here are so much cheaper than those at the (over-populated) Shuishe Wharf and you will still get the same front row lakeview. Furthermore, the hotel gives out free ferry tickets for all its guests! Excellent for the cheapo me. What I did was to check out their website for promotions, book the room from Agoda (because it gives lower rates), email the hotel and ask if they can extend the promotion to me ^^

Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel
A simple hotel with a spacious room and a priceless view. I highly recommend this hotel for couples (check out their website for Superior Double Lakeview Rooms!)

By the time we reached our hotel, it was pouring and most of the shops were closed. We were very lucky that there was still a family restaurant opened a few doors away and we could enjoy some local cuisine. I am not sure if it was the after-effects of the cold weather or happiness from the afternoon, but the food here sure tasted much better than our lunch!

Thao cuisine. I really really like the fried shrimps in the middle. In fact, we ate half of it before I realized that I had yet to take its photo.

Please look forward to the rest of my posts on my Taiwan trip! (Omg I am only on Day 2!)