sushiro entrance

This Japanese restaurant was first introduced to me by my friend, because she had wanted to try chirashi don. I almost never order chirashi don in Singapore before because my impression was an overpriced dish of rice with a few miserable slices of sashimi. But I had wanted to go on diet at that point of time, so when she brought up the idea, I thought ‘Ok! Great for my diet!’ When she told me to meet up at Thomson Plaza though, my first reaction was ‘Huh? Why there?’ Even though I lived in Bishan nearly my entire life, which is just 3 bus stops from Thomson Plaza, the number of times I have been to this place can be counted by my two hands. It is not easily accessible without a car, and frankly speaking, that place is BORING.

With a sceptical mind, I arrived at Thomson Plaza on a weekday night. To my shock, I saw a super long queue from afar at Level 1. Immediately I knew it had to belong to the Jap restaurant my friend was talking about, because no other shops there will attract such long queue. We were seated after about 45 mins of queuing, and ordered the popular Bara Chirashi Don, which was served very quickly.

sushiro menu

sushiro chirashi don

Oh my, I was blown away from my first mouth onwards. This humble-looking dish was served with XL chunks of salmon, prawn, tuna, ikura and octopus. It was the first time I saw such huge chucks of sashimi served in chirashi don. In fact, to reach the rice below, I had no choice but to clear the toppings first (anyone who knows me knows that I usually save the best for the last). The combination of fresh sashimi with rice marinated with sesame sauce was pure ecstasy to my taste buds.

After the meal, I vowed to drag Mr J here one day just so that I can change his mind about eating Donburi (as Mr J generally prefers set meals to get value for money). I succeeded nearly 4 months later in July. I had expected the lunch queue to be much shorter by then, but the queue was still equally long! We ordered the Bara Chirashi Don again (because it is just this good!), but we topped up $5 per person to make our meal a set meal.

sushiro chirashi don set
For $5 you get salad, 3 slices of sashimi and a bowl of miso soup
sushiro receipt
No GST included! What you see is what you pay! One bowl of Bara Chirashi Don cost just $12.80. Seriously, where to find in Singapore?

By the end of the meal, Mr J was raving about how value-for-money Sushiro is, and that we must blog about this place. So if you love sashimi like me, head down and try it for yourself!


Address:  301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza #01-113F, Singapore 574408
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 9.30pm (Wed-Mon), Closed Tue
Tel: +65 94501020