Bali Itinerary:

Day 1: Lunch (Suckling Pig rice set) –> Airbnb –> Seminyak Beach –> Dinner by Airbnb chef

Day 2: Water rafting @ Telaga Waja River –> Snorkelling @ Blue Lagoon –> Mediterranean Dinner @ Seminyak

Day 3: Breakfast @ Simply Chocolate –> Tanah Lot temple –> Rock Bar @ Ayana Resort & Spa –> Seafood Dinner @ Jimbaran Beach

Bali map
Rough map of places we went, sorted by colour according to days (Red – Day 1, Blue – Day 2, Green – Day 3)

So after our adventurous day yesterday, we decided to calm our hearts by doing some sight-seeing. Today, we decided to venture out to seek breakfast. Just 100m or less from our Airbnb house is a cafe called Simply Chocolate which Mrs Quek found online. I must say that the two staff really cooked the food with their hearts. Our drinks took 30 mins and the toasts took nearly an hour to arrive. After I visited the washroom near the kitchen, I realised that the reason for the long delay is because the staff prepared everything from scratch. None of the food were pre-prepared. They were hastily toasting the bread and removing vegetables and sausages from the fridge when I went down. It will be great if the taste makes up for the long wait, but unfortunately that was not the case 😦 My suggestion is to stick to the signature dish, which is their chocolate drink. It does taste pretty heavenly. Really thick and right to the point.

simple chocolate

simply chocolate 2
Shop front of Simple Chocolate cafe. (Please excuse the facial expressions)

After breakfast, our Airbnb driver brought us to our first destination – Tanah Lot, one of the most popular temple in South Bali. To be honest, I was in dilemma before this trip whether to visit this temple. On one hand, being a scenic person, I would love to visit this waterfront temple for its acclaimed sunset view. On the other hand, I was apprehensive about the rumour. If you have not head about the rumour before, the brief outline is that once upon a time, a prince and a princess fall in love in Bali and became engaged. However, shortly after becoming intimate, the prince broke off the engagement and left the island. The princess was enraged and threw a curse on all unmarried couples who visit the island. Now, there are a few variations as to how to break this curse (1) Some say it is only Tanah Lot that is cursed and not the whole island (2) Some say only those who watch sunset together at Tanah Lot will break up (3) Some say only couples who have pre-marital intimacy will suffer the curse (4) Some say it is ok to visit, just do not behave like intimate couples there (5) Some say just avoid taking couple photo with the temple. In any case, Tanah Lot seemed to play a very central role in this myth, and since I was with Mr J, I had to be a little more cautious right?

Anyway, we asked our driver on the first day we landed about this rumour, and he said it was nonsense. That kind of put my mind at ease. So, in order to not deny other people the chance to visit this scenic spot (hahhaha ok actually it was just to pursue my personal interest), we still ended up going to Tanah Lot. And indeed, the temple and its surrounding was gorgeous. I love how the waves collide against the sand and rocks forming long stretches of white foams, how mighty the temple stood against the waves, and how unique the structure of the temple looked. Let the photos speak for themselves.

tanah lot 1
The entrance of Tanah Lot is lined by rows and rows of tourist shops
Tanah Lot 2
Luwak coffee (or civet coffee) is one of Bali’s finest coffee. According to Wikipedia, Luwak coffee refers to ‘coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet’. Saw two sleeping civets tied up outside a coffee shop (probably from eating too much coffee cherries). Is this considered animal abuse?
tanah lot 3
Paranomic view of Tanah Lot
tanah lot 4
Close-up view
tanah lot 5
Since we can’t take photo together…
tanah lot 6
Lovely seaview
tanah lot 7
Beautiful rocks
tanah lot 8
Trying to wake up my artistic mind
tanah lot 9
If we can’t take with the temple, we will take with the rocks!
tanah lot 10
But alas, we still ended up having our photo taken with the temple despite our instructions

Seeeee how can I not visit this beautiful temple? Heck the rumours! Ok, so Mr J and I had a pact not go into the temple, and not to take photos together with the temple. We just camwhore around the beach. But alas, what is meant to be is meant to be. We asked a stranger to help us take a group picture just facing the sea, and he ended up taking the photo above (though I must admit it was great shot). Oh well, let me update again our status a few months later 😛

After Tanah Lot, we headed for Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and Spa. I knew of this place through my friend’s facebook photo and fall in love at first sight. Even though I am not a drinker, I insisted on visiting this place for its fabulous sunset view. Where else can you find a bar perched literally on a cliff side?? The ride from Tanah Lot to Rock Bar was a crazy two hours, and by the time we arrived, we were just in time for sunset yay! (Be prepared for the blast of sunset photos below 😛

rock bar 1
Entrance view of Ayana Resort

rock bar 2

rock bar 4
Blown away by the first sight of the sea and the sun
rock bar 3
Close up view of Rock Bar from above. In reality, the Rock Bar was much further down than shown, and we had to walk looooong flights of steps to reach the bar. In fact, when we left the place, we had to ride a funicular up (no kidding!)
rock bar 5
Finally found a satisfactory place after changing seats 3 times.
rock bar 6
A few snapshots while waiting for our drinks
rock bar 9
Oh glorious sun!
rock bar 8
Love this view
rock bar 7
Our drinks have arrived
rock bar 10
Cheers to years of friendship and many more to come!
rock bar 11
Sunset was over in a blink of eyes (photo credits: Mrs Quek)
rock bar 12
The crowd left after sunset and there was peace

This place is super atas (high-class) and emptied out half of our wallets. But I felt that it was totally worth it (YOLO)! I love how you can kick back your shoes, bury your feet into sand while enjoying the sunset view with the background sound of waves clashing against the rocks below and a glass of cool drink in your hands. The sunset view was fantastic and the waiters did their best to cater to your requests. This place gives a relaxing vibe as the waiters do not chase you out even when you are done with your drinks. Having said that, I will probably find a cheaper place to enjoy the sunset view next time since I have already been here before. Not to mention that being an absolute lousy drinker, all my money literally went down the drain when I left the place. Still, if you have never been here before and have extra bucks to spare, do give this place a try!

Our last stop for the day is Seafood dinner at Jimbaran beach, which is about 30mins drive. Our driver just brought us to a restaurant he knew and I have no idea what the restaurant is called. Hundreds of chairs and tables were set up along the entire stretch of beach by the numerous seafood restaurants lining the beachfront. On first look, it is an absolute romantic place. Imagine candlelight dinner with the sound of waves. The waiters were humorous and took good care of their customers. Since this was the last night, we decided to splurge by ordering one seafood set for EACH COUPLE. That is nearly SGD 100 per set *OMG*.

jimbaran 1

jimbaran 2
SGD 100 seafood set

Our seafood set came with lobsters, calamari, clams, crab, prawns and a huge fish. The presentation was great and we were happy with our order initially. However, very soon we realised that only the lobster and fish were satisfactory. The prawns were not fresh and the crab was just a small mudcrab which was totally not worth the effort to peel. The clams were pretty tasty but there were 1-2 clams that were gigantic and we did not dare to eat as they look either mutated or engorged with sand and dirt.

What really made us upset at the end of the day was not the food, but how we were asked to give tips. I guess it is not unusual for baskers to go around tables at these type of tourist places to start singing without your consent and demand for tips after that. What made us uncomfortable was how quickly the baskers’ faces changed when they received tips below their expectations. The whole situation quickly turned awkward, which was annoying given that we were technically not obliged to tip if we did not consent to them singing for us in the first place. That was not the end. When the time came for food payment, the waiters who were attending to us gathered at the table and told us that the bill was IDR 4,000,000 even though our receipt only stated IDR 3,820,000 (and that was already including 21% service charge!). Even while we were counting our money, they kept repeating “4,000,000”. When the main waiter counted our money and saw that there was no tips, he said blatantly to us that our payment was only for the food but we had not included tips. Being appeasing people, we were still considering how much to give. When one of us suggested IDR 50,000, the main waiter immediately said what about IDR 50,000 per person in our group. That sparked us off and Mr Quek insisted that we do not give. We ended up walking right past our waiters out from the restaurant in the most tensed atmosphere. What a terrible end to our Bali trip. This is definitely the last time any of us will be visiting Jimbaran. With that, we went back to our house with heavy hearts and very light pockets.

Our flight back to Singapore the next day was at 2.25pm, so we just stayed around at our house till 12pm, and had our lunch at the airport. Overall, despite some unhappiness, it was still a very enjoyable trip as we were blessed with a wonderful weather, breathtaking sceneries, humorous driver and most importantly, great company! Afterall, the company is what makes or breaks a trip!

Group photo with our awesome driver

Hope you have enjoyed my posts on our Bali trip, and if possible, do let us know where else in Bali should we consider next. Till the next post, keep travelling!

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