Day 2. We woke up early to see the sunrise at 6.30am. Luckily for us, the sky was clear and we had a great view of the sunrise while munching on the koropok that we bought yesterday at one of the pit-stops.




Breakfast was at the Horizon Deck, which is at Level 2 of the main building. The spread is ok I guess, with the normal western food likes sausages, hashbrowns, omelette and Nasi Lemak. Level 2 is the highest you can go to get an overall view of the whole resort if you do not stay in the main building or dine at Level 13 Sky Lounge. The view looks like this:

The very far end near the hill area is the tip of the hibiscus. That’s how far the presidential suite is to the main lobby. Total privacy ensured.

After breakfast, I was begging Mr J to try out the water activities at the beach area. Yesterday while we were soaking in our pool, we saw a number of tourists doing jet skis and banana boat, and I thought the rides looked perfectly safe! Mr J is a teeny weeny scared of the sea, so I had to negotiate with him to try the ride which I thought was the safest, called the Airhead, which looks like this:

1 round cost RM35. Very reasonable price for an atas resort.

Doesn’t this look perfectly safe?? It even has a backrest to lie on, what are the chances of us being thrown off the ride? I even asked our driver if he could help us take a video of our ride but he declined, stating that the camera will definitely drop into the sea. I was still thinking to myself, what a bad service tsk.

Oh man, 30 seconds into the ride and I was totally proven wrong. My screams turned out to be even louder than Mr J. In fact, I ended up apologising to Mr J during the ride for asking him to do this with me >.< I think we woke up all the guests when we went flying past their rooms! The backrest proved to be totally useless because we ended up lying flat instead =.= At one point of time, Mr J was nearly thrown off the float! Our driver was a young kid who doesn’t look more than 16 years old, and before the ride, he asked us if we wanted ‘mild’ or ‘exciting’. Mr J told him ‘mild’ because we were scared, but maybe because it was Mr J who told him that, the young kid doesn’t seemed to believe us. In fact, our screams seemed to excite him more as his turns became sharper! The ride was supposed to go halfway round the resort before turning back, and by halftime, both Mr J and I were too tired from all the screaming and flinging around to sit upwards. We had to tell the driver very firmly not to do all the sharp turns anymore. If this is considered ‘mild’, what is the definition of ‘exciting’?? Well at least I think our screams helped them to attract customers on a Sunday morning >.<

Look at Mr J’s hair! What a hair-raising experience

This ride spelled the finale of our 2d1n trip in Port Dickson. After which, it was time to bathe, check out and have lunch while waiting for our coach to go back to Singapore. Will I recommend Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson? Yes definitely! Especially for families with young kids who are looking for a place to chill and relax. The rooms are big enough for a family of 4, and there are enough activities around to entertain everyone without paying a bomb. One particular activity that intrigued us a lot is the helicopter service (promotional price RM250/person for 2 pax). The helicopter will circle the resort in a figure of 8 and you can have your photo taken with the helicopter. That’s pretty reasonable price for riding a helicopter.  Too bad we didn’t bring enough money this time 😦 For the milder activities, they have water cruise (45mins) for RM60 and fish feeding (1hr) for RM30. There is also segway, yoyo car, archery, kite flying etc. If you will like to find out what other activities they have, you can visit their website, which provides comprehensive overview of all the activities available and the pricing.

In summary, 2d1n is just enough to enjoy the facilities without getting bored. If possible, try to go on a Friday or Saturday as this is the peak period and all the facilities will be up and running. There is no use having so many activities if the place is empty and you feel paiseh to do the activities because there is no one else doing them right? Also, the barbeque dinner buffet is only available on Fri and Sat night, so at least you will not need to travel out for food. When we left the resort on Sunday, the place was definitely a lot more quieter. The most ridiculous thing is that when we tried to order food from the hawker stalls at Hibiscus Walk, most of the food were not available. Even when we tried to order teh tarik, the staff told us pretty rudely that there is no more tea left! So if you arrive on Sunday, you may be in for a rude surprise.

That’s all for my first post on our amateur blog! Really hope that you have enjoyed reading this. See you in our next post!